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When visiting Paris, it's best to dress comfortably and stylishly. Opt for smart casual attire, such as jeans, dresses, or skirts paired with a nice top or shirt. Don't forget to bring a light jacket or sweater, as the weather in Paris can be unpredictable. And of course, wear comfortable shoes for all the walking you'll do exploring the city's beautiful streets and landmarks.

Yes, all the information will be listed on each specific tour.

Visitors can access multiple floors of the Eiffel Tower, but not all floors. There are three main levels that visitors can access: the first floor, the second floor, and the summit. However, access to the summit may be restricted at times due to weather conditions or maintenance. Additionally, there are stairs and elevators available for reaching these levels, with different ticket options offering access to different floors.

Sure! At the Eiffel Tower, there are things to make your visit easier and more fun. You can find places to eat like restaurants and cafes, and there are shops where you can buy souvenirs. If you need to use the restroom, there are facilities available too. If you have any questions, there are desks where you can get information. The tower is also accessible for people with disabilities, with ramps and elevators to help them get around easily. These facilities are there to make sure everyone has a good time visiting the Eiffel Tower.

For a memorable experience in Paris, consider these private tours: Explore the Louvre Museum with a personal guide, enjoy a romantic dinner cruise on the Seine River, discover the charm of Montmartre on foot, visit the Palace of Versailles with a private guide, or indulge in a wine tasting led by a sommelier.

In Paris, you can enjoy special night tours to see the city in a whole new light. Cruise along the Seine River to admire famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower all lit up. Take a guided stroll through Montmartre's streets to experience its charm after dark. Or join a ghost tour to hear spooky stories about Paris's haunted spots. There are also photography tours to capture stunning nighttime shots of the city. These tours offer unique ways to explore Paris and create lasting memories after sunset.

For families visiting Paris, there are some fantastic tours that cater to everyone's interests. Disneyland Paris is a must for magical experiences with Disney characters and thrilling rides. Explore the city's landmarks on a Segway or bike tour, which is fun for all ages and allows you to see famous sights like the Eiffel Tower. Older kids might enjoy a tour of the Paris Catacombs to learn about the city's history underground. And for a tasty adventure, try a chocolate and pastry tasting tour to indulge in delicious treats from the best chocolatiers and bakeries in Paris.

A "skip the line" tour lets you avoid long lines at all attractions and landmarks. With these tours, you get special tickets so you can go straight in without waiting.