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Picnic in Paris with wine, fruits and different french tasty dishes

Paris, known as the "cuisine capital of the world," is a terrific destination to savor gastronomy. City of Light eateries vary from cozy bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants for both serious and casual diners.

Paris features classic French and international cuisine to suit every taste. Gourmet chocolates, cheeses, and wines make the city an excellent location to dine. This Food & Drinks tour lets you sample Paris' greatest cuisine and join its vibrant dining scene. Our guide to Paris' greatest restaurants will reveal hidden treasures and the joy of French dining. Paris is a great place to eat and enjoy food. In Paris, restaurants are more than just great food; they're also events that tell a story of love, history, and new ideas.

Paris has a wide range of foods that will please any taste, from traditional French dishes to tastes from around the world. Enjoy the delicious sweets, specialty cheeses, and fine wines in the city that make it a great place to eat. In this Food & Drinks tour, we invite you to savor the best food in Paris and immerse yourself in its vibrant culinary scene.

Tour Highlights

  • Guided Tours of Iconic Places: Our tour guide will take you to some of the best places to eat delicious food. From cozy cafes to fancy dining rooms, every place to eat in France celebrates the art of cooking in its own way.
  • Sessions for tasting wine: Paris is famous for its great wines. Our tour includes private sessions for tasting wine where you can try a range of delicious French wines. Learn about different wine regions, grape varieties, and food pairings from our knowledgeable sommeliers.
  • Dine Like a Local: In addition to the wine tastings, we'll also guide you through some of the best places to eat in Paris. Explore charming neighborhoods brimming with authentic cafes, artisan bakeries, and hidden wine bars. Savor expertly prepared dishes paired with perfectly complemented French wines. This well-rounded tour will tantalize your taste buds and quench your thirst for knowledge about all things food and drink in Paris.
  • Market Tours: Take in the lively atmosphere of Parisian markets as you walk past carts filled with fresh food, handmade cheese, and gourmet treats. We'll put you in touch with local sellers and help you choose the best products for a traditional French meal.
  • Learn How to Taste Cheese: Join a guided tour of how to taste cheese. Learn the different ways to make cheese, how different areas have affected the process, and how to properly pair cheese with bread or wine.

Visitor Highlights

  • Chocolate & Pastry Tasting: If you have a sweet tooth then you must not miss the chocolate & pastry tasting tour. Whether you are with your kids or your partner, come and taste these delicious sweet treats and satisfy your appetite. our guide will take you to some of France's top pastry and chocolate chefs like Yannik Lefort. you can jot down the anecdotes about the delicacies.
  • Paris-crafted gin-tasting: Visit the least explored location in Paris where gin is crafted. Explore the urban micro-distillery for gin-making near the Louvre. The visitor can visit the venue only for one hour a day. Visitors can taste the Paris-crafted gin and learn about the art of distillation and the secrets of gin making.
  • Dinner & Dance Show: Enjoy a live modern and sensual dance show while having your dinner. Have some fun with your friends at the Paradis Latin Show in Paris. you have the opportunity to enjoy a 3-course meal before the Show.
  • They have different starters like poultry and veal pate with pistachios and beetroot as a condiment. Their desserts are also delicious named French Kiss & The Pear In The Quince. The menu has different items for the Autumn and winter seasons. Visitors can also enjoy wine and champagne as drinks.
  • Wine Tasting Day Trip: Don't forget to enjoy the wine-tasting day trip in the Loire Valley Palace. On this trip, you will get free time in the charming town of Bloise for an amazing wine-tasting experience.
  • Visit Food Markets and Cheese Shops: Explore local markets for fresh fruits, veggies, and cheeses. Wander through stalls brimming with fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and other gourmet delights. Engage with vendors to learn about their products and their specialties. Be sure to visit a fromagerie to taste a variety of French cheeses paired with crusty baguettes and fine wine.
  • Enjoy Tasty French Meals: Visit a cozy French restaurant in the afternoon or evening. You can taste dishes like beef stew, chicken in wine sauce, or steak with French fries. They cook the food so well, and it tastes amazing! You can also try some French drinks like sparkling water or apple juice.
  • Have a Picnic by the Seine River: Head to the beautiful Seine River with some fresh bread, cheese, and fruits from a local market. You can sit on the grass or by the riverbanks, enjoy your delicious picnic, and watch boats passing by. There, you can also enjoy food of the best restaurants in Paris with an Eiffel Tower view.

Travel Tips

  • Research in Advance: Before booking your food tour, research the different tours available. Look for reviews and ratings to ensure you choose a reputable and enjoyable experience.
  • Dress Comfortably: Paris can be unpredictable weather-wise. Wear comfortable shoes as you may be walking and standing for extended periods.
  • Taste Adventurously: Be open to trying new foods. Parisian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes, from escargot to croissants. Embrace the opportunity to expand your culinary horizons.
  • Respect Local Customs: Remember to be respectful of local customs and traditions. For example, it's considered polite to greet shopkeepers with a "Bonjour" before making a purchase.
  • Stay Hydrated: Carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, especially during warmer months. Paris has many public water fountains where you can refill your bottle.
  • Moderate Portions: French cuisine is known for its rich flavors and multiple courses. Come with an appetite, but remember that portion sizes might be smaller than what you're accustomed to. Savor each bite and pace yourself to fully enjoy the variety of dishes.
  • Tipping: Tipping is not mandatory in France as service charges are usually included in the bill. However, if you receive exceptional service, feel free to leave a tip as a token of appreciation.

Know Before You Go

What to Bring

  • Camera or Smartphone: Capture the memorable moments and delicious dishes you encounter along the way.
  • Comfortable Backpack: Carry a small backpack or bag to store your essentials such as water, sunscreen, and personal belongings.
  • Portable Charger: Ensure your devices stay charged to capture photos and navigate the city.
  • Local Currency: Have some Euros on hand for any additional purchases or tips during the tour.

What not to Bring

  • Large Bags or Luggage: Avoid bringing large bags or luggage as they can be cumbersome during the tour.
  • Expensive Jewelry or Valuables: It's best not to carry expensive jewelry or valuables.
  • Pets: It's advisable not to bring Pets along with you.
  • Outside Food or Drinks: Avoid bringing outside food or drinks unless it's a medical necessity.

Getting There

  • Public Transportation: Paris has well-established public transportation. You can travel through buses and metros. Use the RATP app or Google Maps to find the best route to the meeting point.
  • Taxi or Ride-sharing Services: Taxi and ride-sharing services like Uber are readily available in Paris. Provide the driver with the exact address of the meeting point.
  • Walking: If you stay nearby, consider walking to the meeting point. Explore the city's charming streets and get a feel for the local vibe.